Is Your School Legally Compliant?

As well as ensuring the highest academic standards, you are required to ensure that your staff are properly trained in health and safety issues. Let us help you take care of your safety compliance responsibilities.

School Staff Safety Training specialise in providing engaging and approved staff safety training courses in your school. Our courses are easy to arrange and, because they are conducted in-house, are less of a drain on your precious budget.

Topics Covered

What makes us different?
We come to your school and provide training for your staff to help them remain safe in the classroom and keep your school legally compliant.
Uniquely, we deliver first aid, fire safety, physical intervention and food safety training event that reflects the particular needs of your educational setting. Tell us of any areas to be covered, and we will build them into your training event.

You can rely on us
Our qualified and professional instructors have been teaching First Aid, Positive Handling, Fire Safety and Food Handling for many years. We are trusted by and ever expanding group of educational establishments including…

  • 527 Secondary, Primary and Nursery Schools
  • 22 Colleges
  • 9 of the biggest UK’s largest Universities

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